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2015 Commodore's Ball

23nd NWH Race to Fight Hunger


2014 Race Results Our Sponsors:

Race Entry Form

STARTING AND FINISHING AREA: In the vicinity of Shilshole Breakwater. The Start/Finish line is between the center of the "Hamburger" buoy and the Orange Flag on the SSYC Race Committee Boat. The Start-Finish line is CLOSED except when starting or finishing. Please stay clear of this area an other starting or finishing boats, except when Starting or Finishing.

The Race Committee Boat will not answer radio communications from participants other than check-in, emergencies or race retirement.
  1. General information only such as attempting to hail individual recalled sail numbers, shorten course, etc and hailing to all the participants a countdown to the first flag and horn - which is the Warning flag/horn for Class 1.
  2. Any general information that is not covered in the Instructions, Race Rules, Skipper’s Meeting, etc that will not prejudice any participant.
SKIPPERS MEETING: Mandatory skipper’s meeting at 9:00AM on race day at Ballard Elks Lodge before the race. Bring your cans of food for Northwest Harvest too!! Skippers pick up the Skipper’s Packet then.

CHECKING IN: All participants must check in with the Race Committee Boat on the course to be counted as racing. You can do this by hailing the RC as you sail by or on VHF channel 69. Please use radio courtesy. Be sure to tell them the boat’s name, sail number and class. Be sure to get an acknowledgement.

FIRST START: Approximately 12:00 pm, first warning flag 11:55 am (depends on weather)

ALL STARTS: Races will be started using RRS rule 26.

OVER-EARLY: Boats will be attempted to be hailed by VHF 69 if 3 or less boats are over early. Class (General) Recall flag will be flown and all boats will be attempted to be hailed by VHF if over 3 boats are over early. If there’s a General Recall, that class will start at the next start signal (5 minutes later). All subsequent classes will then add 5 minutes to their start time. It is your responsibility to know if you are over early.

There are many possible courses and all starts are upwind. One course will be selected for each class at the Skippers meeting by the Race Chair based on current and forecast weather conditions, but the course may change by start time. All classes may not have the same course.

Marks on the North Courses (starting to the north) are to be rounded to Port (counter-clockwise).
Marks on the South Courses (starting to the south) are to be rounded to Starboard (clockwise).

Below are SAMPLE courses.
  • Start, Blakely Rock, Finish.
  • Start, West Point, Point Jefferson White Spar Buoy , Finish
  • Light Air Course, Start, West Point, or Meadow Point, Finish.
  • The race committee may change the Course after the Skipper’s Meeting by posting the letters for the buoys to be rounded before the start on both sides of the committee boat. Make sure you check before your Class Start!
    COURSE MARKS: Chartlet is included below. Note: All Marks are obvious except for Mark P which is a White spar buoy in 35 feet of water off Point Jefferson. (approximately 47º 44.730' N, 122º 28.350' W)

    “S”, “F” Start and Finish - the Hamburger buoy off Shilshole breakwater. The Line will be between the "Hamburger" buoy’s center and the orange flag pole on the SSYC Committee Boat.
    “M” Meadow Point Buoy…..
    "P” Jefferson Point; a placed buoy in 35 feet of water off Point Jefferson. (approximately 47º 44.730' N, 122º 28.350' W)
    “W” West Point Buoy
    “B” Blakely Rock.

    SHORTEN COURSE Only at a mark of the course): Times will be recorded at the halfway point whether or not the course is officially shortened to be used if needed. Shorten Course Flag – small blue square on a larger white square – will be flown from the Assisting Committee Boat after it is formally shortened at the Mark where it is shortened.

    CLASSES: Mandatory - All boats will fly their class ribbons from their aft stay or boom identifying their class:
    (Note: this is a suggested class breakdown and may be adjusted at the skippers’ meeting.)
    - Class P1 Multi-hull Yellow
    - Class P2 J-105 Red
    Flying Sails
    - Class P3 Fast Green
    - Class P4 Slow Orange
    Non-flying Sails
    - Class P5 Fast Blue
    - Class P6 Slow Pink
    - Class P7 Half-Fast White

    SAIL NUMBERS – (mandatory): Note-This will assist the Race Committee who had a difficult time identifying many boats without sail numbers. If you don’t have a sail number, black tape will be handed out at the Skipper’s Meeting for you to install a sail number on the top of both sides of your mainsail. 3 ‘random’ digits should suffice. Please remove the tape after the race so the adhesive won’t mark the sailcloth. IMPORTANT – If you are in this situation, Notify the Race Committee at the skipper’s meeting of your number so they can make a note of your number on the scoring form.

    SCORING: Will be time on distance according to the PHRF formula, except for any one-design class(es) and the Half Fast class.

    TIME LIMIT: 17:00(PDT) Any boat not crossing the Finish Line by 17:00 will be scored DNF. This is to ensure adequate time remains for preparation for the award ceremony and all Skippers and crew to attend the ceremony.

    PROTESTS: 720 rule applies - if you foul you must do a 720-degree turn before you finish. No other protests will be allowed. Do the right thing if you foul another boat!

    SAFETY: When on or near the Puget Sound Traffic Lanes, boats will monitor VHF Channel 14, the shipping channel. Also monitor the official Coast Guard Channel 16.

    All skippers are reminded they and they alone are responsible for the safety of their crew and boat. No part of racing rules reduce that.

    All coast guard and other rules for safety are to be obeyed, including those regarding crossing the shipping lanes. Any vessel receiving a horn or radio warning of danger will be disqualified.

    AWARDS: The Northwest Harvest Benefit Race trophies will be awarded at approximately 18:00 on Saturday evening at the Ballard Elks Lodge.